New media Tiktok operation










We are a company combining industry and trade, and a leading local enterprise. Our self-supporting factory is located in a professional industrial park in Siqian Town, Xinhui District. The marketing department office is set up in Jiangmen Grade A Wanda Office Building.
operating duty:
1. The Tiktok number under the operating company has reached a certain number of fans and likes within a certain period of time;
2. Efficient production of hot video content that target users like, improving user attention and stickiness;
3. Independently complete the planning, shooting, editing, packaging, publishing and operation management of Tiktok video.
4. Strong insight, tracking and collecting popular videos on Tiktok every day, can accurately capture their highlights, and has high imitation ability and creative secondary editing and adaptation ability.
Job Requirements:
1. Familiar with all the playing methods on Tiktok, and works with their own Tiktok number and personal communication volume are preferred;
2. Have brain holes, understand expression, have the ability to edit short videos in common use, and can use editing software such as PR;
3. With a sense of responsibility and strong pressure resistance, able to timely promote and control the progress of work, complete video production and release management within the specified time.
4. Familiar with computer hardware is preferred.
Company benefits:
1. 24-hour working system, national statutory holidays, paid holidays on birthdays, social security, public travel, abundant afternoon tea every week, and monthly gatherings/activities
2. Base salary+performance bonus+performance commission
3. The leaders are all post 80s/90s people who love life
Optional office location: Jiangmen Wanda Building B office building, or the company's front factory.
Working hours: 8:30-17:30 (single and double break)