Foreign trade salesman (former factory department of the company)










Our strengths:
1. It is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel coffee pots;
2. It is an enterprise with 22 years of manufacturing experience;
3. The management level is all after the 1980s and 1990s, with no related accounts;
10 factories with an area of over 10000 square meters were built from home;
5. Continuously upgrade the fully automatic production line;
6. A team with inclusiveness, cohesion, and combat effectiveness;
7. The products sold are deeply loved and recognized by domestic and foreign merchants;
8. Perfect talent cultivation and assessment system;
9. Beautiful office environment;
10. Diversified amateur activities, games, etc.
This is Jiangmen Xinhui Kaiyu Industrial Co., Ltd
Our factory is located in a professional industrial park in Siqian Town, Xinhui District. The marketing department office is located on the floor of Jiangmen Grade A Wanda office building.
Due to the needs of business development, recruitment partners are now working together to create a better tomorrow. How capable! How big is the stage!
Job Requirements:
1. More than 1 year of foreign trade business experience is required
2. Can withstand work pressure and have learning ability
3. Mainly communicate with foreign customers, solve customer needs, maintain customer loyalty, and develop customers. The business only needs to focus on interfacing with customers.
(The company already has supporting art works, operations, and merchandising, and shipping specialists fully cooperate with the business to obtain more orders.)
Company benefits:
1. The 6th day of the month off, a national legal holiday, paid holidays on the birthday, social security, public travel, abundant afternoon tea every week, and monthly gatherings/activities
Basic income+high commission+various development awards/championship awards+year-end awards+excess awards (income varies according to individual abilities)
3. On-the-job training, experience sharing, and common growth
4. The leaders are all post 80s/90s people who love life
Company characteristics: multi activities, multi red envelopes, multi gifts, multi fun! Good atmosphere!
Company Resources:
The gold product platforms of three Alibaba international stations cost more than one million yuan to promote on Alibaba stations every year. There is a professional art and operation team.
Exhibitions at home and abroad.
The company's original customer resources for more than 20 years.
Experience in household goods business in the hardware industry (including electrical appliances) is a plus!
Office location: Qianfeng Industrial Park, Siqian Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City
Working hours: 8:00-11:30, 13:00-18:00