Fall in Love with Coffee Making

The Best Travel Coffee Mugs To Brew Your Coffee On To Go

Nov 26,2021



We'd never dare ask you to skip out on your morning caffeine ritual, but surely there's a more environmentally conscious way for coffee drinkers to partake without sacrificing any of the function or pleasure. Recycling is great, but bringing a trusty reusable coffee mug made of glass, stainless steel or other eco-friendly cups to your favorite java shop or making your own brew at home and toting it in a chic coffee tumbler is an even smarter way to avoid the single-use plastic and disposable cups piling up in landfills. Bonus: Many coffee shop locations give you a discount for bringing your own coffee mugs.


You can (and should) invest in great coffee beans, store them in an airtight container, and brew them with the best gear around. Actually you can tell a lot just by looking at a mug. Pick one that’s compact, without a top-heavy shape that can fit into a cup holder. Make sure the lid is easy to operate and closes with a dependable seal. you will likes mugs with insulted walls that can keep both cold brew and hot coffee ready to drink for hours. We do, too.

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