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How Does Manual Milk Frother Work

Jul 24,2021




Manual Milk Frother Advantage

  • Perfect Design   

  • Easy to get thick Long-lasting froth  

  • No need to use electricity and easy to carry outdoors


How To Use The Manual Milk Frother


1.Place the Manual Milk Frother on a dry flat, non-slip surface.



2.Heat the fresh milk to 68-80℃.



3.Add the fresh milk to Milk Frother about 1/3 of the cup.



4.Put the lid on.



5.With one hand pressing the lid and one hand holding the knob, pull the lever up and down quickly about 35 times.



6.Take off the lid, fresh froth is ready.



Two kinds of filters for your choose from HIGHWIN MANUAL MILK FROTHER

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