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The Difference Between Drip Brew Coffee and Pour over coffee

Nov 26,2021



More and more people like to make coffee at home, there are two most popular options of brewing coffee, drip coffee and pour over coffee. 
Drip brew coffee by machine
Fast and easy to use, even a person who has never made coffee, but can easily make a delicious coffee by the coffee machine. Keep the same coffee ground and water, press a button, then you can get the same coffee quality and taste every time, less human error.But no different. If you're looking to expand your knowledge and methods of coffee brewing, consider the pour-over method.
Pour over coffee
Compared with the drip brew coffee, pour over coffee can offer various options of coffee, from strong to light, meet everyone’s preference. And the highest quality coffee only can be created by pour over way. Because the process of pour over coffee is entirely manual, you can control almost every aspect of the process, so you can taste different flavor.
To make a good coffee, control each part is very important: 
  • The ratio of coffee grounds to water:If you want a stronger flavor, let the water sit longer in the grounds. If you want it weaker, change the ratio by using more water or fewer beans
  • Water temperature: Suggest to brewing in 85-95°
  • Pour speed & brew time: Control the pour speed & time, slow and consistent, too fast, the taste is weak, too slow, it is too strong.
  • Active attention:A cup of good coffee required to made by highly concentration. 


The pour-over method is much more complicated, but there are more possibilities, that’s why people are so keen on the manual way.

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