Fall in Love with Coffee Making

Coffee Making Insrtuctions

Nov 12,2020

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1.Make sure filters are not crimped, if they are, smooth them out.


2.Add the required amount of coarse ground coffee.


(recommended 1 rounded tablespoon for each 4 ounce cup).


3.Pour very hot (never boiling) water into the pot. Leave at least 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters of space from the top of the beaker .


4.Stir the grounds gently and ensure that you get to the bottom of the pot.


5.Place filter and lid on loosely and allow coffee to brew for about 3 minutes.


6.Holding the pot handle firmly, with the spout turned away from you, apply slight pressure and slowly lower the plunger straight down. (If the filter clogs or it becomes difficult to push down the plunger, you should remove the plunger from the pot, stir the brew, and then slowly plunge again).


7.Serve coffee immediately and enjoy. Coffee left in the press will continue to brew and become bitter. If you are not going to drink all of the coffee you have brewed immediately you should pour it from the press into another container preferably a thermos in order to keep it warm for future use.


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