Fall in Love with Coffee Making

Coffee Culture

Jul 30,2021



Coffee culture is a kind of culture.  The word "coffee" comes from the Greek Kaweh, which means "strength and passion."  Coffee is a small evergreen tree belonging to the Rubiaceae family. Everyday coffee is made with coffee beans and various cooking utensils. Coffee beans refer to the kernel inside the coffee tree fruit, and then roast it with appropriate roasting methods.  

Coffee is an evergreen cotyledon plant of the Coffee genus Rubiaceae, native to Ethiopia. Its height can reach up to 10 meters, whereas the height of cultivated plants is only 2 to 4 meters due to pruning. Coffee goes to seed in about three to four years, and yields decrease after twenty to twenty-five years, but there are some coffee plants that are over a hundred years old and still produce fruit. The branches of the coffee plant grow opposite each other in horizontal or drooping branches, and the leaves are opposite in short diameter branches. The two most important species, Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. The leaves of Arabica are about 15 centimeters long. Robasda has long, soft oval or pointed leaves that are bright green.

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