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About French Press

Aug 07,2021



French Press uses a plunger to press against the mixture of coffee and hot water to extract the coffee oils and flavor.The hot water and coffee mixture is held in a bleaker as the plunger is pressed downward.


The plunger has a filter to make sure coffee grinds do not escape and only the flavor is allowed to seep through. This means that the coffee grinds must be coarser than ones used in drip coffee.






Absorbs more flavor and oils from coffee than drip since the hot water and coffee mix directly instead of through paper filters. However, coffee grinds may leak through the plunger which results in undesired sediments.




  • For 3cup press: 26g of coffee for 385g (13oz) of water.
  • For 4cup press: 34g of coffee for 500g (17oz) of water.
  • For 8cup press: 60g of coffee for 975g (33oz) of water.
  • Use freshly grounded coffee, preferably 12-36 hours after roast.
  • Coffee grind level is coarse, like sea-salt.
  • Seep time is 4 minutes.

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