Fall in Love with Coffee Making

French press! Here's a nice cup of coffee!

Aug 07,2021



Blunt boiled parameters  

Powder water than 1:15  

Water temperature: 94 degrees Celsius  

Brewing time: 4:27  

Grinding scale: coarse salt particles  


French press is suitable for use of coffee beans  

A variety of specialty beans will do, but medium or higher roasts generally perform better than light roasts (excluding technical reasons, of course).  Personally, the best beans for the French press are the deep-baked ones.  Because of the soaking and extraction, the coffee produced in the press is full bodied and balanced.  So if you use some beans with rich flavor layers to extract, it will not highlight the characteristics of this bean, while the deep baked beans with rich taste and balanced flavor can be well explained by soaking in the French press.  

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